Nigel Barker: ‘Good Luck Replacing Me on America’s Next Top Model’

As we previously reported, Tyra Banks and the producers of America’s Next Top Model brought down the axe on three long-time judges, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Jay Alexander.

Now Barker is speaking out, telling TMZ that it’s not going to be that easy to replace him. “Good luck to whoever [replaces me]. I would imagine it’s a tricky thing to replace someone who’s going on their 19th season,” he tells TMZ.

He continued:

“Who knows if this is going to work? I don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea … Maybe it will work. Maybe it won’t. I wish them luck.”

Although a shock for many, Barker saw it coming, having actually “survived the chopping block before.” He also acknowledged that low ratings were main reason behind Tyra’s decision.

“I’m friends with Tyra and the producers,” Barker told E! News. “It wasn’t a shock … There had been a discussion that ratings were down and that something like this would happen.

According to reports, Banks is attempting to revamp the show and wants to capitalize on the power of social media by possibly adding a few popular fashionista bloggers on the show.

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