Soundgarden Offering Single from ‘Avengers’ as Free Download

For the first time in 15 years, Soundgarden is releasing a new single entitled “Live to Rise”.

To help promote the upcoming Disney film “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Live to Rise” will be available as a free download on iTunes  April 17th.  This promotion will run through April 24th previewing an exclusive clip from the film.

The official “Avengers Assemble” album will be released from Marvel Music/Hollywood Records on May 1.  Other tracks on the album will include hits from Shinedown, Rise Against the Machine, and Five Finger Death Punch.

Singer/Songwriter for Soundgarden, Chris Cornell told Billboard, “The hard part of writing a song for a film is it has to act as a Soundgarden song, first and foremost, then obviously, it has to coexist with the film.”

While working on their reunion album, set for an early fall release, Soundgarden was asked to contribute music to the highly anticipated film.

Although Soundgarden has previously contributed tracks featured in hit movies, this will be the first single written exclusively for the film.

Soundgarden guitarist, Kim Thayil, and Cornell began working together to design “Live to Rise” from scratch.

Cornell speaks on the responsibilities he feels in creating this piece:

“In the context of Soundgarden, it’s a band that has a long and prominent place in rock music and all four of us have our own ideas of what the musical identity of Soundgarden is.  That has to be served first.  It has to function naturally as a Soundgarden song before you even consider anything else.”

“Marvel’s The Avenegers,” will open in theaters May 4.


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