White Denim Set to Perform at Mercy Lounge

This coming Sunday, Austin rockers White Denim are set to perform at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, TN. Performing alongside psychedelic garage rockers Hundred Visions, White Denim is running on the success of last year’s May release, D. Met with critical international acclaim, the album is full of dynamic and unpredictable indie beats. One song that tickles my personal fancy is “River to Consider.” Although its use in Sports Illustrated is worth mentioning, it’s the use of flutes and island roots that truly creates the track into more than your average pop rock. Also, the track’s conclusion into cluttered noise wraps up quickly, making sure not to waste any of the short-but-sweet 37 minutes of the album’s time.

Check out the track below, and make sure to catch this three-piece in Nashville Sunday, April 8th.