You should Be Watching the Coachella Re-broadcast

With all this Readng and Glastonbury announcement nonsense, I totally forgot about Coachella, until (honestly) last night. I hope on this morning to the happy discovery that Coachella are generously re-broadcasting the acts that have already played for their lovely internet friends. I decided to see what was being broadcast on their three available channels, and something crazy and unexpected happened: I was spoilt for choice. I had the pick of a Bon Iver encore, The Shins performing Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” (really) and Beirut’s main performance. Genuine shock.

So consider this a friendly PSA on a slow news day: Coachella is still fucking great. View their live rebroadcasts on their channel here. They include a full listing of what they’re going to be broadcasting at what times, too, so if you’re like me, it means you can make a little schedule of what you’ll be listing to for the rest of the day (back off, man)! You can see their uploaded videos here.

I’ll leave you with a sweet, rather quiet performance of “Kaputt” by Destroyer, which I think makes for a nice intro to the show.

Some day, Coachella, some day.

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