Bono Becomes World’s Richest Musician Thanks to Facebook [Update]

Paul McCartney, it’s time to turn in. Hand over your gun and badge on the way out, for U2′s Bono has overtaken the last remaining Beatle, (it’s hard to resist some Ringo-baiting) to become the richest musician in the world.

Bono’s massive surge in profits stems from a $90 million investment in Facebook, made by his private equity firm, Elevation Partners. Though the singer only owns a total of 2.3% of Facebook’s total shares, when Facebook takes flotation on the Stock Exchange, the company is set to be valued at $100 Billion, meaning Bono is set to earn somewhere in the region of $1.5 Billion. Which in economic terms, is… a lot.

Paul McCartney, the previous holder of the title, World’s Richest Musician, is rumoured to have fortunes around about the tune of £665 million, however Bono is set to eclipse this figure and increase his personal wealth by around £275 million. In total Bono’s own bank balance will ring to the tune of £940 million, which is such a big number, i’m struggling to genuinely comprehend how many nights a week you could actually afford a Domino’s.

Update: Bono has shrugged off the claim that his facebook stock would make him the richest musician in the world. Watch the video below via The Washington Post.

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