For Cinco de Mayo, Here’s to Mexico’s Great Rock and Roll Music

Here were are in yet another cultural conundrum, celebrating Cinco de Mayo  while passing draconian anti-immigration laws, slurping Tequila  while building walls between our borders and pretending that we will be just fine without Mexican immigrants. It’s like that abusive relationship that never ends. But never mind, because in the world of music fans,  we welcome the fusion, the invasion of Mexico’s ancient and unique flavors. Here are some of my picks as a celebration of that great nation. Happy Cinco!

WATCH MANA’S Amor Perdido. The four-time Grammy Award Winners from Jalisco have been around for 30 years.

WATCH MOLOTOV. Four Grammy awards, four decades together, Molotov is a Mexican must.

WATCH HELLO SEAHORSE! This is Mexico in its most alternative. They are known for their quirky lyrics. They have shared stage with The Killers and the Beastie Boys.

WATCH Plastilina Mosh, from Monterrey and founders of a musical movement called Avanzada Regia.

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