Good or Bad Vibrations? Beach Boy’s Bruce Johnston Calls President Obama an A** Hole


Beach Boy’s Bruce Johnston’s rant against Obama is sending tidal waves through social media circles after TMZ posted a video where the singer addressed each presidential candidate, incumbent  President Barak Obama and his unknown Republican foe,  as an “A** Hole”.

The land of U.S. politics, according to the California Girl  singer’s analysis, is fertile with bi-partisan expletives.

“ Americans will be “f**ked” if Barack Obama gets re-elected,” Johnston said after signing autographs for fans in New York Thursday.

“Obama’s an a**hole, “Johnston added. “Unless you’re interested in never having any money and being socialized.”

Johnston, reportedly a Republican supporter,  had no recommendations for his party either.

“And who’s the Republican a**hole?” he asked.

“You got Reagan and Tip O’Neill … those are the last two good guys.”

“Wait ’til Obama doesn’t have to try anymore,” Johnston  added .. “you’re f**ked.”

In addition to his distinguished singing style and producing for the Beach Boys, Johnston is also known for writing songs and his work on Pink Floyd’s The Wall album.

Johnston, who will turn 70 this year, is touring with the Beach Boys in their 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour called “Celebration.” The tour, which includes several international shows, is the first time that founding member Brian Wilson appears with other founding members since 1965.

The Silver Tongue One has reached out to Johnston’s publicist.



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