Hulu Unveils Their Summer Exclusives

Hulu and Hulu Plus will begin premiering new original TV shows on June 4th.  Kicking it off will be Spoilers, a half-hour movie review for music lovers hosted by Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks, Mallrats and Dogma.

“I have always wanted to do a show that provides an open forum for real fans to discuss real movies in real time and that’s what ‘Spoilers’ is about. As a filmmaker and lover of movies, I understand that ultimately it’s the fans who make the film. So in this show, we do not review movies, we revere them,” said Kevin Smith. “Hulu really lends itself well to a show like this because they have an audience that is passionate and active when it comes to shows they love. And frankly, those are the people I want to hang with.”   Hulu will launch “Up To Speed” a travel series helmed by filmmaker Richard Linklater (Bernie, School of Rock, Dazed and Confused) a travel series starring Speed Levitch (“The Cruise”) and “We Got Next,” a male comedy co-created by Kenya Barris, who was the co-creator of “America’s Next Top Model” and Hale Rothstein who wrote and produced “The Game,” in August.

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