ITR Review: “Dark Shadows”

By Zach Monette

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up for the eighth time in “Dark Shadows”, the comedic thriller based on the gothic soap opera of late 60s. And after a string of meager releases, like the 2010 debacle “Alice in Wonderland”, we were hopeful that Burton’s latest film would be a return of the macabre master of such gems as “Beeltejuice” and “Ed Wood”. Unfortunately, “Dark Shadows” doesn’t deliver.

The film gets off to good start with the well-paced backstory of 18th century New England aristocrat, Barnabas Collins (Depp). Collins spurns the love of his chambermaid, Angelique (Eva Green), who, sadly, turns out to be a witch that places a curse on the Collins family, turning Barnabas into a vampire and burying him alive in a coffin- where he remains for nearly 200 years. Then, in 1972, his coffin is accidently reopened, and he returns to his family estate where must adjust to modern life and learn to live with his descendants who have left family affairs in disarray.

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  • thisisnews7

    This movie looked like crap from the commercials.