Kidd Ramius Releases “For Caroline” Video

Hot off the press, Nashville electro-pop, experimental Kidd Ramius (Cannon Kinnard) released a first video today – less than two hours ago, actually – for “For Caroline.” The song is a token of Kidd Ramius’ forthcoming EP, Voicemail (official release date to be announced).

Steeped in color and concept, the video is a Jared Rauso production that was directed by Kinnard himself. Participants include Nashville Ballet’s Aaron Dalla Villa, Neil O’Neil, Taylor Paige and Aquation’s Andrew Coulton.

Kidd Ramius is the solo project of Nashville musician Cannon Kinnard. The project began when Kinnard’s previous band, Slow Motion Centerfold, was in the process of breaking up. Frustrated by small-time touring and the stress of indie rock bands, Kinnard approached the Kidd Ramius creative process by combining his love for classical instrumentation with modern rhythms and the endless soundscape possibilities of electronic sound.

Kinnard was born in Nashville, has lived in New York and Paris, and currently works with New York based producer Teddy Stuart. He writes and records everything for Kidd Ramius at his Nashville home.

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  • Charlotte

    Love the review, keep them coming on Cannon!