Listen: Los Campesinos! – Tiptoe Through the True Bits

Today, Los Campesinos! are offering a new track, “Tiptoe Through the True Bits,” for free on their website. Playfully jabbing at Tiny Tim, the track was recorded at the same time as their recent Hello Sadness.

But it is not a single.

The band has stressed this on both their Twitter and in interviews. Recently talking with NME, singer Gareth Paisey explains the unprofitability and reason behind a free release.

“There’s no point in bands like us releasing singles. Nobody buys singles from bands like us anymore. We thought about doing something for Record Store Day, but it’s such a whirlwind of releases and it’s easy to get lost. We’ve always given things away and I think people appreciate it. We could have put it up on iTunes, but we’d never have seen any money from it.”

Check out the track below and download it here.

Tiptoe Through the True Bits


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