New All ‘Girls’ Pilots We Want to See on TV

Recently, HBO’s Girls got the green-light for a second season while Fox’s New Girl and CBS’s Two Broke Girls topped the comedy genre this year. So it’s safe to assume that females are most definitely ruling the airwaves.

When a trend becomes popular, it’s only natural to hit it as hard as possible until it gets old, so that’s why we came up with a few pilot ideas that could very well make it into next season, and we even added a few casting ideas.

Gay Girls

Everyone wants to make it in New York, but for these girls, it’s better to keep it weird.

It’s much easier to find sex, cool music and girls who likes girls in Austin so that’s why these twenty-something friends attempt to make a life for themselves in the capital of Texas.

Becca is a workaholic journalist who is obsessed with breaking the news, but that leaves her little time to mend her recently broken heart; Julia is a second generation salon owner and is as good with hair as she is good at playing the dating game; Ricki is a bad-ass drummer in an all girl band called The Gold Stars (meaning women who have never slept with a man) and is deep into the lifestyle of a rocker, only deep down she’s the most vulnerable of the three and craves the love of a good woman.

Dream casting: If Cougar Town gets cancelled, we’d love it if Busy Phillips played the role of Ricki.

Amusing Girls

Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey often talk about their humble beginnings in the world of comedy and the embarrassing things they had to do to accomplish success in Hollywood.

Since we’re talking about girls in comedy, why not cut all pretenses and make a show about girls who want to make it in the comedy world.

Dania, Carmella, Lulu, Maggie and Elsie are “The Tanlines”, an improv group that performs at a Groundlings’ like theater every week, for free, in hopes of getting their lucky break in Hollywood.

Each show we’d get a peek into their lives in front and behind the stage and how they cope with rejection, often in a hilarious way.

Dream casting: We get that Nikki Blonsky is overweight, but she also has charisma, can sing and can dance, so she would be perfect for a role that requires all of her talents.

Girl Fight

What if Tracy Flick from Election had a baby with Heather Duke from Heathers? Then she’d be Saffron Oliver, a 16-year-old girl who rules the school thanks to her smarts, ambition and ruthlessness.

She’s all set to make it official, become the school president, until a new unforeseen enemy steps up to the plate in the form of little Nicky Campbell.

Even though Nicky was the ultimate misfit, she was pretty okay with it, until an awful event in her life (orchestrated by Saffron) pushed her to leave school for a year, and now she’s back to take revenge on the girl who ruined her life.

Dream casting: Making her a Brit would give Saffron more edge, so why not take a bet on actress Aisling Loftus?

Can you think of a show to rival ours? Let us know in the comment section.

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