New Dark Knight Rises Poster – ‘The Legend Ends’

Hyping the tension for The Dark Knight Rises,Warner Bros have released another new poster for the long-awaited conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

While a clearly striking image, the poster unfortunately doesn’t add anything new to earlier advertisements, simply placing an image of everyone’s favorite (or second favorite) man in tights over the previously seen, burning logo of Gotham city.

The film’s predecessor, 2008′s The Dark Knight, famously focused on images of Heath Ledger’s Joker – a character played so masterfully that not even the grave could keep him from an Oscar . The bloody scrawling of ‘why so serious?’ on to a frosted window certainly increased excitement for the film’s release, hinting at a dark, uncompromising portrayal of one of DC Comics’ most famous villains.

For The Dark Knight Rises, however, the studio has chosen to focus on general images of decay, corruption and ending, keeping specific plot details under tight wraps. With only simple, powerful phrases incorporated in to marketing – ‘The Legend Ends’, ‘A Fire Will Rise’ – Warner Bros seems unmoved by the success of fellow comic book giant The Avengers.

This is likely due to Bane, the franchise’s latest villain played by Tom Hardy, an act which, for the fans, speaks for itself. Readers of the comics will famously know the character as the man who broke Batman’s back, and with the stress Nolan appears to be putting on this being the closing of his saga, this seems a likely, powerful route for the story to take.

All questions will be answered when The Dark Knight Rises opens in cinemas on the 20th of July. No doubt many manly tears will be shed when this franchise comes to an end.

The latest trailer can be watched here.

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