New PJ Harvey Tracks to Feature in Film

A documentary film about “the nature of happiness” will feature two new tracks by veteran singer-songwriter PJ Harvey, according the singer’s official Facebook page.

Titled What Is This Film Called Love?, the film is described as as:

“…a passionate 77 minute poetic documentary about the nature of happiness. Filmed in Mexico over three days, it begins as a film about the soviet director Sergei Eisenstein, and then, using his ideas, opens up to look at memory, landscape and the pleasures of walking. The film draws from a range of filmmakers and writers – principally Chris Marker, but also Virginia Woolf, Frank O’Hara and others – but aims to touch on themes that are relevant to a wide range of people – where joy comes from, the emotions involved with travel and homecoming, and the nature of solitude.”

As well as “To Bring You My Love” being featured, new songs “Horse” and “Bobby Don’t Steal” will also get their first airing.

A preview of the documentary will take place at this year’s ATP festival in London on Sunday 27th May, which will be curated by Mogwai (Music & Cinema) and Louis Theroux (Cinema).

Watch the official promo video for ‘Good Fortune’ below:

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