New Prometheus Clip – Harks Back to Alien in More Ways Than One

While Ridley Scott originally claimed his new sci-fi film Prometheus was unrelated to his 1979 masterpiece Alien, this idea was dismissed the moment we were treated to the familiar sight of a big ol’ bunch of eggs in a giant, scary metal spaceship. With the introduction of similar looking androids, spaceships, the infamous ‘Weyland Corporation’ and glimpses at the enigmatic ‘Space Jockey’ creatures seen in the original release, the status of the two films as a part of the same continuity was cemented.

But with the latest clip release, it seems that Scott is intentionally nudging fans of Alien with the inclusion of familiar dialogue and characterization. While the scene may seem a little trivial in comparison to previously released trailers, the most die-hard fans of the 1979 original in all its blood-n’-guts glory will notice that the sight of the crew casually strapping themselves in to the retro-looking spaceship, the captain all the while scanning the weather and air of the world below, is almost a straight copy of a scene in Alien.

With the release of two viral trailers in February and April, the producers certainly seem keen on giving away a lot of the film’s footage online. The most vital plot points and motives are managing to be kept under wraps however, and with these hints at cinematic links with Alien, anticipation is being kept at a high.

We’ll see if Prometheus makes good on its promises at the end of this month, but if you want a taster now, you can watch the latest clip below:

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