Tiptina’s Announce ‘Treme vs. The Wire’ Benefit Show with Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce

In a world in where ‘cool’ is a standard by which things are judged and actions given validation, the announcement of a Battle of the Bands where Treme and The Wire actors Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce go up against each other is about as cool as anything. If there was a scale of ‘cool’, it would be trembling in fear at the mere prospect of this news.

The show itself is a benefit for the Tiptina’s Foundation and the Roots of Music, who’s mission is to help ‘Louisiana and New Orleans musicians’ by ‘preserving their unique musical cultures’, including work for New Orleans schools and providing them with musical instruments.

Held this Friday, 11th May at Tiptina’s Uptown, New Orleans, the show boasts a battle of the bands between musicians from New Orleans and those from Baltimore and Washington DC, where both David Simons’ written Treme and The Wire are respectively set. The show itself is billed as a battle between the two, with actors Michael K. Williams, who appeared as Omar in The Wire, and Wendell Pierce, who though also appeared in The Wire as Detective Bunk, plays Antione Batiste in Treme.

The bands playing on behalf of New Orleans include Galactic, The Stooges and Brass Band, whilst on the side of Baltimore and DC, the bands include Lafayette Gilchrist & the New Volcanoes and Anwan Glover and the Backyard Band.

It’s definitely not a show you’d want to miss.

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