Video: New Trailer For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Amongst this summer’s comic book orgy, fueled by the might of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, it could be easy to forget the impending reboot of the Spider-Man franchise with Marc Webb’s (Webb… I like to think of that as a cosmic pun) The Amazing Spider-Man.

In response, Marvel Australia have put up a new trailer for the film, which hints at further plot and characterisation development, finding room for a little of Spider-Man’s token quip-based comedy along the way.

 There are angry clichés galore (Rhys Ifans puts on his best semi-British doctor voice to tell Spidey “if you want the truth, come and get it!”), and the introduction of a dark plot-line involving the fate of Peter Parker’s parents, but there seem to be many fun moments to be had, in spite of all the steely, Twilight-esque gazing.

Will Spidey triumph over the Lizard? Will Gwen Stacy come out alive? How does Andrew Garfield’s mask stay on with that haircut? All questions will be answered on July 3.

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