Video: The Dark Knight Raises Anticipation with New Trailer

Each Batman film since 2005 has etched a lasting impression in the hearts of comic book geeks, and avid Batman fans. When The Dark Knight was released in 2008, what was presented on that screen was nothing short of a incredible masterpiece, immortalizing Heath Ledger as the Joker (a role that should never be attempted by any sane person).

When the third and final installment of the current franchise was announced, I was instantly skeptical if it will be able to breath the same air as the sequel… until I saw this trailer. I was almost certain it couldn’t fill the giant shoes but now I’m completely sold. Come July 20th we are in for an experience, one that finds our Cap Crusader facing a villain that has never been glorified but could bring billionaire Bruce Wayne to his knees. Watch and enjoy the trailer and start saving those pennies because the countdown begins.

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