7inch Sunday: Hot Lunch – Killer Smile

7inch Sunday is a segment devoted entirely to 7” vinyl and the all-encompassing experience surrounding it. Although most publications cover major releases, the vinyl single is often overlooked and given nothing more than a half-hearted nod of acknowledgement. This weekly feature is a hub for 7” reviews, exploring the B-sides and rarities of artists that may often go unnoticed.

Each Sunday I will review 7” vinyl from artists who venture this extra mile to hold their singles high above the sea of digital releases. I hope to embody the spirit of vinyl while sharing some fantastic music with you, the reader. Let’s get started.

In recent years, genre labels have evolved from simple one-word descriptors to sentence-long battles to prove originality. Oh, you’re a neo-psychadelic folk-funk group? That’s so interesting. No, seriously, please let me check out your polka-rap jazz fusion genre-bender. I am dying to hear how groundbreaking you are. Said best by Reel Big Fish on their 1996 “Join the Club,” “We try to be different, but I guess that’s nothing new.”

Bitterness aside, there are still bands out there embracing the fact that having simple genres is not only okay, but sometimes preferred. Recently inspired by the release of The Hives’ Lex Hives, I have once again been on the lookout for new bands that – for lack of a better word – rock.

While recently shuffling through new releases, one in particular caught my eye. With a bright yellow backdrop and equally abrasive grin, Hot Lunch’s Killer Smile instantly grabbed my attention. Within the single, I found the light shining through the darkness of artists who simply try too hard. Hot Lunch understood rock in its basic form, pressed a couple rock tracks and have represented the genre in its purest, untampered form.

Guitar solos, wah pedals and screeching energy run rampant through the two short tracks. Filling the prior silence with a lo-fi personality big enough to fill a room, Hot Lunch sound like the matured version of your high school garage band’s shredfest. It’s raw, relentless and will make you wish you were cooler.

So if you, like myself, are on the lookout for new dogs who aren’t afraid to embrace old tricks, then check out Hot Lunch and their unabashed approach to a type of rock off-limits to the average group.

Check back next week with a look at Saadi’s Snowyman.

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