Alan Moore Finally Moves To The Screen

After a long history of disregarding any film adaptations of his work, flicking his huge beard and returning to his castle in the swamp, graphic novel guru Alan Moore has begun to plan an on-screen project. The 58 year old will be teaming up with photographer / designer Mitch Jenkins to create a series of short films, the first two of which are already underway.

For those unaware of wizard-bearded scribe’s work (this is about the time I should warn you that I may have a slight man-crush on his beard), Alan Moore is the mind behind the likes of comics such as Watchmen, V For Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke and others. It therefore comes as no surprise that many directors have attempted to transition his work on to the big screen, poking around with the plot and adding excessive amounts of Johnny Depp and terrible, terrible English accents. Moore however, has always disassociated himself with these projects (watch Stephen Norrington’s adaptation of Extraordinary Gentlemen and you’ll see why), and this will be the writer’s first, personal exploration of film.

The series has so far been described as “occult” and “noir flecked”, as if that couldn’t be guessed, taking Moore’s equally mystical back-catalogue (and beard) in to consideration. The first episode, named “Act of Faith”, will star Siobhan Hewlett, who you may have spotted in the BBC series’ Sherlock and Torchwood. This will be followed by “Jimmy’s End”, which will link in to the first episode in a “multi-layered, multi-episode narrative”, *cough* Watchmen *cough*.

The films will reportedly premiere this October, before digital arts platform thecreatorsproject.com takes over to host them online,  hopefully keeping a steady, beard-based influence. For now, Jenkins is giving the web a few sneak peaks on his blog.

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