Bon Iver to release EP next week

Well, it seems the old Bonny Bear just won’t call it quits. Next week, on Tuesday the 19th (before their collaboration with The Flaming Lips is even due to be released) Bon Iver are scheduled to release a new, seven-track EP. No, sadly, it’s not the no-doubt-to-be-phenominal collaboration with Astronautalis, but a live EP simply called the “iTunes Sessions EP”.

The release is slated to include live versions of tracks such as “Holocene” and a cover of Bjork’s “Who is it?” – oddly, the EP opens with “Beth/Rest”, which the band usually reserve for closing their shows. If you’re hungry for some live Bon Iver, who can head over to the NPR Live Concert Podcast for recordings of some of their previous shows. The track listing for the EP is as follows:

Minnesota, WI
Hinnom, TX
Who Is It?

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