Cheers to Phillip: How to Stay on Top After Idol

With the newest induction of Phillip Phillips into American Idol royalty, we here at TheSilverTongueOnline.com would like for him to be fully ready for the road that lies ahead. It is no secret that throughout the last eleven years American Idol has managed to produce some of the most bright/riveting talent to hit the music industry. However, it is also no secret that, that same talent has a tendency to fizzle and fade when exposed to the world without the buffer of Ryan Seacrest or the “home-dog” encouragement of Randy Jackson.

 If there is any “idol” you would want to emulate when it comes to staying a consistent powerhouse it would undeniably have to be Kelly Clarkson. Currently a celebrity judge for the new ABC hit duo-singing competition “Duets”, Clarkson, has managed to stay on top of everyone’s charts. Following the platinum success of her debut album “Thankful”, Clarkson proved that she wasn’t simply a girl who could navigate well through competitive terrains but an artist with talent worthy of longevity. Her four albums preceding her debut also managed to earn her platinum success as well as a not too shabby amount of change in her pocket.

 Though Clarkson was able to keep her steam rolling after Idol, not all the season victors were. Season two champion Ruben Studdard definitely had all eyes on him while carrying the pressure of the shoes he was left to fill. Though the debut album “Soulful” managed to grant Studdard platinum recognition, all of his albums preceding that sold considerably lower leading up to his lowest selling album “Letters to Birmingham” with only 9,000 units sold. It seems that within only a year the buzz behind the Idol talent decreased from a siren to a whisper.

 What could be the cause for such a discrepancy you ask? Well perhaps the change of genre was to blame. Ruben Studdard’s debut album was categorized as R&B/Soul music. However, he decided to release a gospel CD for his second album which only managed to get 400,000 units sold. Though switching to gospel may not seem valid enough reason for such a decline in sales it has become Idol fans tradition to continue to root for the contestant that keeps at least a sliver of what it is we love about them in the first place. To the fans Ruben was the smooth, loveable, soul-singing teddy bear, and when he departed from that image so did they.

 If any idol knows how to capitalize on an image it is country starlet Carrie Underwood. Underwood, the first country-singer to win American Idol, has managed to keep a stellar career going for herself even long after Idol. Selling over 15 million units in the span of four albums, Underwood, keeps the train moving by staying true to her funky, and sometimes even rock-star, country sound and straight from the heart honest lyrics.

A message to Phillip Phillips: This coming year you will have a lot of people pulling you from each direction as well as a lot of important decisions which will need to be made. Just as a word of advice, stay true to what it is that has gotten you to this point because it is the only thing sustainable enough to keep you.

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