Drake and Chris Brown Get Into Heated Fight In NYC Nightclub (Update)

Rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown are once again in the news for reasons other than their music. Last night, New York City club WIP endured a case of inviting the wrong mix of people to their party – that unfortunately caused blood to spill and landed a few people in the hospital.

A number of celebrities, including Tony Parker, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Kanye West’s new artist Teyana Taylor, were in attendance for the party. NYC Party promoter Jessica Rosenblum states that it took years of effort to hold a hip hop-oriented event of this magnitude in downtown New York.

Chris Brown allegedly showed up with Bloods gang members while Drake showed up with security, friend and fellow rapper Meek Mill and a gang of “grimy Philly n*ggas”, referring to Meek Mill’s Philadelphia crew.

It’s alleged, that with Brown in attendance, the DJ promptly played one of his songs.  Drake, who was dancing on a table, jumped down and yelled “Naw, I don’t f*ck with that n*gga!”

Afterwards, notes were passed around the two camps about Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna– who is rumored to have also had some type of relationship with Drake – as bottles were ordered. Drake then approached Chris Brown, punched him, and followed with a bottle to the face. The two camps started hurling their bottles at each other. Amidst the scuffle, Drake retreated into the bathrooms.

Chris Brown had a few words for Drake on twitter after the riot settled:

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