First Look: “Django Unchained” Trailer

Quentin Tarantino is bringing his characteristic take on history back in to the cinemas, and as always, it will involve a lot more humour, violence, style and Samuel L. Jackson than you could ever hope for in the real world and its distinct lack of katana-based mayhem. This time, we’ll be treated to a part Spaghetti Western – part Revenge drama – part Christoph Waltz being Christoph Waltz in Django Unchained.

The film certainly looks thoroughly…well there’s no word for Tarantino’s work other than “Tarantino-ish” – and you can bet that that’s a good thing.

Jamie Foxx stars as the titular Django, a slave freed by bounty hunter Dr King Schultz (Waltz), who will assist Django in finding his wife (Kerry Washington), providing he first helps the hunter find and kill the Brittle Brothers gang. Somewhere along the line, the two will run in to Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), a gentlemanly yet cruel plantation owner who owns Stephen, likely the world’s coolest slave – considering the fact that he is played by Samuel L. Jackson.

So how to react to this upcoming film? Well, DiCaprio sums it up for us in the trailer: ‘You had my curiosity; but now you have my attention’.

Django Unchained will roll in to cinemas early next year, with a Christmas release for the US. So you can forget the turkey dinner and family, in my humble opinion.

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