Guillemots Announce Plans to Release Four Albums in a Year

Alternative raconteurs, Guillemots have announced their ambitious plans to release four albums within the year, with the first, entitled Hello Land! out now.

In a hand written message on the band’s official website, the band talked about the recording process of the first album and their plans for the upcoming releases. Speaking about Hello Land!, the band stated that the LP had been recorded in Norway, in a recording studio the band described as their ‘own little Narnia’.

Concerning the band’s plans for the other three releases, the group also revealed that each album is set to focus on different orchestral elements, with Hello Land! featuring the Norwegian Flute Ensemble. Hello Land! which acts as the band’s fourth full length release, and follow up to 2011′s Walk the River has been described as ‘An ode to springtime’.

Also in the short statement, the group outlined the reason for recording and releasing four albums with a year, stating:

We decided last year that we didn’t really want to make another record in the traditional cycle where you record an album, sit on it for months as a press campaign builds up to its release, and then tour it for months afterwards.

All four of the albums will be released in a boxset at the end of the year.

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