Hologram Tupac Wins Award At Cannes Lions Festival

The posthumous appearance of rapper Tupac Shakur at this year’s Coachella festival won the hearts of many, and now it has also won a prestigious award at the 59th annual Cannes Lions Festival; a highly revered digital/creative communications industry ceremony in Cannes, France.

Digital Domain Media Group, the company behind the holographic performance of the late rapper was awarded with the Cannes Lions Titanium Award along with other winning projects by Ted Williams, The Ministry of Defense and Honda. The hologram was created with the combined efforts of Dr. Dre, Digital Domain, The Yard Entertainment and Geronimo Productions.

The recognition of the holograms impact in the art world was a factor in making it a contender for the award. Since the exclusive Coachella performances, YouTube views of Hologram Tupac footage have amassed in the 10 million+ range, boosting Tupac album sales by 500%. Specifically, sales of the performed track “Hail Mary” are reported to have increased by 1,500%.

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