Holopocalypse Begins: Hendrix and Morrison to be Brought Back as Holograms

Ugh. It’s happening.

There are now plans to resurrect both Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison in the form of holograms so that they may perform on stage. This news came after Tupac‘s ghost haunted Coachella, that Michael Jackson could return and that Freddie Mercury will be brought back through “optical illusion”.

Jeff Jampol, who manages the estate of Morrison, claimed that he has looked into the possibility of creating a “3D” Morrison for nearly a decade, and told Billboard he was looking into creating a multimedia Doors experience.

Around the same time, CEO of Experience Hendrix and  Hendrix’s sister Janie is known to be working with London-based Musion Systems to create a version of the guitarist. Janie commented that “For us, of course, it’s about keeping Jimi authentically correct. There are no absolutes at this point.”

I fear this may be where it begins, ladies and gentleman. The cynic in me is predicting that label’s will soon see there is more money in repackaging old talent and selling it back to the masses rather than finding new talent. I fear that nostalgia or the idea of being part of “the experience” is going to capture people so that the most profitable tours in the coming years will be tours featuring no one at all. I fear that what people have said about Hollywood – that they are out of original ideas – will soon be said of the music industry. The Holopocalypse begins.

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