It Was a Hot Chelle Day at the Jersey Shore

It was just another typical day at the Seaside Boardwalk–or as typical as life can get at the beach front town. Pregnant Jersey Shore star Snooki and her other house mates got up bright an early to work at the T-shirt shop just feet from their house. Die-hard fans of the MTV reality show know the landmark well. It has been a constant since the start of the program. Cameras surrounded the tiny store and teens eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite Guidos waited outside.

A few yards down the boardwalk radio station B98.5 was gearing up for a beach front concert featuring the band Hot Chelle Rae. The crowd was not overwhelming and a few Jersey Shore stragglers made their way over to the hot sand, yet despite the lack of fanfare, everyone had a great time.

The band began their set with the song “I Like it Like That,” the second single off their sophomore album Whatever. Immediately after, they launched into a fun rendition of their current single “Honestly.” Fans of their party stopper “Tonight, Tonight” had to wait until the end of the short set in order to get their fix, but there were some highlights in between. The boys played a song called “Emo” which was the first tune they had ever written together.

Finally, when the band closed the show with “Tonight, Tonight” the young crowd–most of whom skipped school–went wild. Hot Chelle Rae will be joining pop starlet Demi Lovato on tour this summer, their first gig together being at the PNC Bank Art Center in Holmdel, NJ on June 22.


Season Six of the Jersey Shore will air sometime this year. No date has been set. In the meantime, fans can catch the spin-off Snooki & J Woww on MTV starting June 21st.


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Brittany is now a graduate student at Rowan University and is currently working on a novel.