Jimmy Cliff to Release Studio Album ‘REBIRTH’ on July 17th, Download First Single “One More”

It would be fair to say that Jimmy Cliff was integral in my coming of age. Well, let me be more specific.  I first became aware of this reggae legend after hearing “Shelter of Your Love” in the movie Cocktail and I’ve been a fan of Cliff, Elisabeth Shue, and waterfall skinny dipping in Jamaica ever since. He just announced that a new studio LP entitled Rebirth is due for release via UME (Universal Music Enterprises) on July 17th and it will be produced by punk icon and Rancid front-man Tim Armstrong. While that may seem an odd pairing at first glance, Armstrong worked with Cliff on his 2011 EP Sacred Fire, which was well-received by Rolling Stone, so it’s not too surprising to see Cliff going back to the well a second time.

As the title seems to suggest, REBIRTH reportedly has Cliff reaching back in time musically but not without a positive outlook on his future. “I was inspired to re-visit my musical past and decided to go back to my roots on this record,” said Cliff. He continued on to say, “REBIRTH is a new chapter in my life and signifies a rebirth in my career and all I have left to accomplish.” The record features not only original songs but also a few carefully chosen covers reflecting Cliff’s feelings about the current state of the world including The Clash’s “Guns of Brixton” and Rancid’s “Ruby Soho.”


1. World Upside Down

2. One More

3. Cry No More

4. Children’s Bread

5. Bang

6. Guns Of Brixton

7. Reggae Music

8. Outsider

9. Rebel Rebel

10. Ruby Soho

11. Blessed Love

12. Ship Is Sailing

13. One More (Alternate Version)

Download the first single “One More” for free

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