Muse release an “album trailer” featuring a dubstep song.

Haha, what?

Wait, is this a real thing?

It looks pretty real. Well, wow. Okay, there you go. The official Youtube page for the band Muse recently released the above “trailer” for their upcoming album, The 2nd Law. The trailer starts off with some pretty-if-shallow choir music that builds at a predictable rate to a predictable degree. It’s not bad by any means! It’s pretty, and nice, and flashy – but not really special. It’s the exact kind of music you actually would hear in a movie trailer these days. We see a news reporter depositing exposition, and right when I think some kind of Year Zero thing is going down, well…

Something kind of crazy happens. Those screeches, and… No, that’s not wobble bass. I’m jumping the gun there, but, jeez!  I mean, no way! No way is this how Muse follow up the mixed-to-luke-warm reaction The Resistence got. No way!

Do Muse just lack direction now? Please don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan! It just feels like the band are totally wandering around the music scene aimlessly now. I’ll never, ever, ever hate a band for innovating or trying to do something new, but this is so outta left field! First they became a Queen tribute band for a bit, and now they’ve released a dubstep song – I assume! Who knows at this point. The song may not even be featured on the album – it may simply be the odd, most commercially-marketable song on the album, or it could be an entire dubstep album! Crazy.

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