Slip of the Tongue: Endless Flowers by Crocodiles

Will, Michael and John sit down to discuss U2, read One Direction fan fiction and review Endless Flowers by Crocodiles

3:00 – 10:15 – We talk about U2′s upcoming album, and Bono’s claim that “it’s the best they’ve sounded since 1979” (U2 has been around since 1979!!!!)

10:15 – 20:35 – We talk about Justin Bieber’s face being paralyzed and make fun of Michael for not having seen any movies he should have seen by now.

20:35 – 31:20 – Guns N’ Roses have banned fans from wearing Slash shirts at their gigs.

31:20 – 46:30 – Michael reads some one direction fan fiction and Will shares a story about the horrors of Spotify Facebook updates

46:30 – 1:04:15 – Review of Endless Flowers by Crocodiles

1:04:15 – 1:15:40 – We talk about what we’ve listened to, including Fly Golden Eagle, Macy Gray and Soulsavers – and loads of other good stuff!

1:15:40 – 1:20:30 – If the podcast where a drug, what would it be – plus, we get ourselves a catchphrase.

1:20:30 – We sound off with “Dark Alleys” by Crocodiles

Slip of the Tongue: Endless Flowers by Crocodiles (mp3 link)

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