Ryan Renolds as Highlander: The Eightiespocalypse Continues

Any fellow über-nerds reading may be aware of the Doctor Who storyline where the Time Lords attempted to transport the planet Gallifrey through time and space to take over the Solar System. Now replace “Time Lords” with “Hollywood”, “the planet Gallifrey” with “the eighties” and “take over the Solar System” with … well that can stay the same, and you have an apt description of what’s going on in mainstream cinema as of late.

For those unaware, 80s classics Robocop, Total Recall and 1984 will all be receiving remakes in the next couple of years, and now it seems that cheesy-fantasy-spectacular Highlander will be joining the party, draped in a kilt and a series of terrible special effects. I’m struggling not to type in all-caps here, but will the madness never end?

Okay, looking in to Highlander in more, lass-ranting depth, its been revealed that Ryan Renolds with take on the lead role, backed up by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who have been associated with the project for some time. This may kindle a flicker of hope for fans of the series, but unfortunately, it is a hope that will likely be crushed when it is seen that Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg is also sticking her sparkly nose in.

What does this mean? Has Hollywood finally run out of original ideas, or are we actually on the border of a time warp – the boundaries of present day reality breaking down to make way for an eruption of leather jeans, hairspray and Def Leppard?

Either way, its time to call in the exterminating robots. Lasers set to kill.

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