Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Yoko Ono Announce Collaboration

With last year’s announcement of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s divorce earlier this year, the future of Sonic Youth quickly and solemnly came into question. Although on an indefinite hiatus, the marital split of the two pointed to a potentially permanent end.

But behold, there is hope!

After a recent collaborative benefit single, “Early in the Morning,” Moore and Gordon are once again joining up with Yoko Ono to release a full-length album. The record, titled YOKOKIMTHURSTON, is set to drop September 25th via Chimera Records.

Does this effort hint towards an amicable divorce between Moore and Gordon, or is this nothing more than the final release between two of Sonic Youth’s founding members? Although this hints towards a bright future for Sonic Youth, I would hate to jump the gun and give false hopes. Give us your thoughts below in the comment section, and check out the tracklist for YOKOKIMTHURSTON.

01. I Missed You Listening
02. Running the Risk
03. I Never Told You, Did I?
04. Mirror Mirror
05. Let’s Get There
06. Early in the Morning

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