VH1 Premieres Season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop” the ATL Version

Following the high-rating success of season two, VH1 recently premiered season three of “Love & Hip Hop”, however, relocating from the tri-state area to Atlanta, Georgia, with a whole new cast which means a whole new set of industry divas. Though this season provides fans with a change of scenery, the overall plot stays relatively the same with many of the hip-hop vixens’ lives mirroring those of their predecessors.

  •      Mimi the new Chrissy

In the opening of the season three premier we are initially introduced to a woman by the name of “Mimi”.  Mimi is Stevie J’s (music producer as well as Grammy award winner) girlfriend of fifteen-years as well as mother of his two-year old daughter “Eva”. After watching the first few minutes of the premier fans soon realize that both Mimi and Chrissy Lampkin from the previous season share a lot more in common than just a dual-syllabic name. Similar to Chrissy, Mimi is having a hard time getting her man to settle down and take the necessary steps to maintaining a healthy relationship as well as household. This becomes painfully obvious as both she and Stevie argue as to whether he buying her a house far off from where he works is the best idea for the both of them, or just him. For this season we can look forward to riding the emotional roller-coaster this relationship is heading down, as well as watching the personal growth Mimi must undertake.

  •      Erica the new Emily

Emily Bustamente is not the only woman who knows how it feels being publicly dismissed by a rapper, just ask new cast member Erica. Erica has been the on again off again girlfriend to southern rapper Lil Scrappy for ten-years now, as well as mother of his six-year old daughter Imani. The best way to describe the relationship between these two is simply by saying “Round 2”. After being humiliated by Lil Scrappy when finding out he was cheating on her with also southern rapper Diamond, Erica is just now taking him back all the while trying to mask the hurt she still feels. For this season we can look forward to watching as rapper Lil Scrappy tries to relearn being back in a relationship with not only Erica but also his six-year old daughter Imani, as Erica tries to learn forgiveness.

  •     K. Michelle the new Olivia

Similar to Olivia, new cast member K. Michelle is just working as hard as she can to re-launch a career that at one point seemed very promising. Singer/Single Mother K. Michelle was originally signed to Jive Records by a man who remained nameless. While signed, Michelle began dating this same man who later subjected her to domestic abuse only after spending all two-million dollars of her recording budget on himself. For this season we can look forward to rooting for that underdog we all know so well.

  • Joseline the new Somaya

Every season needs its fiery, beautiful, Latin female rap star to spice things up a bit. In earlier seasons those duties were held by Ms. Somaya “Boss” Reese, however, this season we are now welcoming newcomer Joseline.  Joseline is a self-proclaimed rapper, actress, dancer, with a lot of sass and a body to match. She is now managed by Stevie J., yet, on the outside looking in it seems that their relationship is all but professional. For this season if it is a fight you’re looking for pay attention to these two and how well Stevie’s girlfriend Mimi receives their relationship.

  • Momma Dee the new Momma Jones

Finally, “Love & Hip Hop” wouldn’t be all that it is if it weren’t for its resident “crazy momma” on board. As we already know Momma Jones, Jim Jones’s mother, from the previous season gave us all the crazy we were looking for, however, look for Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy’s mother, to take on that torch. As a self-proclaimed retired pimp and drug dealer, Momma Dee definitely fits the bill of crazy perfectly. For this season we can look forward to her hilarious outbursts as well as the relationship being built between both her and the mother of her granddaughter Erica.

         This season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” seems to be promising, let’s just all cross our fingers and hope that it delivers. You can catch new episodes every Monday night at 8pm est. and repeated at 10pm est. on Vh1.

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