Watch: Glen Campbell Releases ‘A Better Place’ Video feat. Josh Homme

When country legend Glen Campbell announced his on-going battle with Alzheimers last year, it was certainly a sombre day for music. In the past months we’ve seen a celebration of the singer-songwriters’ work, including a special performance at the 2012 Grammy’s and numerous interviews with the singer, who’s acted with both dignity and understanding of his approach to the affliction. Campbell’s self stated last release; Ghosts On the Canvas garned great acclaim from the critics, and was released in August of last year.

A Better Place; the critically acclaimed album’s last single, and coincidentally Campbell’s last is a sweet yet understandably sombre song, a reflection on a life lived well, and in the company of loving friends and family. Campbell’s farewell tour set to end this year has followed on the idea, with his children making up four of the core members of his touring band.

Both Campbell’s final album, and the video for A Better Place have lead many to draw similarities to Johnny Cash’s American recordings, and the emotionally charged video for Hurt, both powerful and self-aware in the description of their own mortality. The video also features Queens of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Homme, helping Campbell look through a series of photographs spanning the artist’s career.

Watch the video for A Better Place below:

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