Watch: Monsters University Teaser

Fresh out of the beautifully ginger antics of their latest film, Brave, Pixar have released the first trailer of the prequel to 2001′s Monsters Inc., entitled Monsters University.

Plot details are sparse so far, but it is known that the film will take place ten years before the events of the first movie, and revolve around Sully and Mike’s first meeting at college.

As far as speculation goes, Monsters University will likely work to parody the typical ‘college campus’ movie scenarios, with returning villain Randall as a jock or bully (Steve Buscemi has been confirmed as returning for the role). However, perhaps Pixar would do good to leave out the other college clichés.  one night stands, vomiting and STDs.

While Pixar have suffered poor responses to sequels with Cars 2, it can’t be forgotten that the third outing of Toy Story was making literally everyone on earth weep in to their popcorn whilst DreamWorks were busy milking Shrek for the umpteenth time.

The film is due for a June 21 release next year.

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