Calvin Harris Announces New Single with Vocals by Florence Welch

Today in an interview with Q, renowned producer and artist in his own right, Calvin Harris announced that his new single Sweet Nothing will feature guest vocals by Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine.

The track will technically be the eletronic producer’s second new single, with We’ll Be Coming Back to be released this Sunday, though the video is already available to watch at the bottom of the page. We’ll Be Coming Back is also set to feature Example on vocals. Sweet Nothing itself doesn’t have a release date as yet, but is expected to be released shortly after Harris’ new release.

Of course this isn’t the first time the Scottish musician has worked with Florence, having remixed the songstress’ most recent single Spectrum (Say My Name), which has spent two weeks at the summit of the UK Top 40. Harris has been something of a hitmaking success, having written the number one track, Call My Name for Cheryl Cole as well as perhaps his most famous collaboration with Rihanna on 2011′s We Found Love.

The producer also spoke in great detail about the Rihanna collaboration and revealed that the song was offered to two other major stars, both of whom chose not to use the song. Unfortunately for us, Harris didn’t reveal who exactly chose to turn down the future hit. The musician also spoke of his shyness around the Bajan pop superstar, claiming:

“She’s tried. She’s like, ‘yeah come on and hang out in my dressing room’. I’m like, ‘Arrghh!. I mean what do I say to Rihanna? There’s nothing! She’s great, she’s well friendly, she’s nice, I see that. But… I can’t. I’m from Dumfries, man!”

Watch Harris’ new single below:

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