Coldplay to debut comic book at Comic-Con


In an interesting development, Coldplay announced on their website that they will debut the first part of the six issue comic book Mylo Xyloto at the San Diego Comic-Con. The project is a collaboration with Kung Fu Panda’s animation director Mark Osborne. Osborne described the project as “the latest expression of a music-driven feature animated film that the band and I started developing several years ago.”

The comic book is based on the band’s album Mylo Xyloto. Osborne described the project in Coldplay’s Q&A section of their website.

Please could you give us a brief snapshot of the plot/scenario? 
Well, all I will say is it is the story of Mylo Xyloto, a young Silencer on the front lines of a war against sound and color in the world of Silencia. Mylo discovers that the enemy he’s been trained to hate his whole life might not be the enemy after all.

Tell us a bit about Mylo Xyloto himself?
Like many Silencers, he was raised in an orphanage and conditioned to be a Silencer from a very young age. Legions of Silencers were created after the Great War of Colors took many lives, including the lives of Mylo’s parents Aiko and Lela. That war threatened the safety of the citizens and strict measures were put in place to ensure it would never happen again. At the start of our story, Mylo is not so sure that all the propaganda and strict measures are legitimate, but he keeps these concerns close to his vest since they are just vague feelings that even his best friend Rex can’t quite support.

Does Major Minus really have one eye watching us?
Let’s just say that each Hypnofeed helmet only has one camera lens to show each wearer the world around them safely depicted in black and white. Those camera feeds aren’t just directed inside the user’s helmet…

The Mylo Xyloto panel will debut at Comic-Con on July 13th.

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