Def Leppard To Re-Record Entire Discography

Heavy metal rockers / mullet salesmen Def Leppard have decided, amongst arguments with record label Universal, that the quickest way around their debacle is to re-record their entire back catalogue.

The decision came about with the realisation that the majority of the band’s music isn’t available on any digital platforms, thanks to some legal, copyright-ish scuffles. The British quintet therefore figured that they could simply re-release all of their music, exactly the same, but with new, freshly baked copyrights.

While it sounds like a pretty cool rebuttal – a metaphorical middle finger to ‘the man’ – I can’t avoid the suspicion that the choice is entirely down to the coinciding release of Adam Shankman’s Rock of Ages, which featured two Def Leppard covers in its soundtrack (and guess which two songs were the first to be re-recorded). It seems that Def Leppard can’t resist the call of movie-going tweens, popping straight on to iTunes after salivating over Tom Cruise to empty their parent’s cyber-wallets – and why should they?

Since the success that Journey enjoyed with the resurgence of “Don’t Stop Believin’” in the teenage community, a ready availability for purchase online seems like a must for those wanting to cash in, even if you do opt for the bastardised, inevitable ‘Glee’ version.

The question remains, however: will the band be able to effectively recreate the old charm of their 1980s sound, persona and thick blonde hair; or will they just insult their old fans?

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