Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics Merges With MOG Music

Since its inception, Beats Electronics LLC has established itself as one of the industry’s top headphone companies; amassing a lot of exposure due to heavy presence in popular artists’ music videos and various other media and the general public’s knowledge of its creator. Co-founded by acclaimed hip hop producer Dr. Dre and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine, the company has acquired popular digital music service MOG Music.

The MOG Music service provides on demand access to a library of newly released music for a fee and also has an advertising branch called MOG Music Network which has a partnership with a large amount of registered music blogs.

Luke Wood, president and COO of Beats Electronics states:

It was never about just headphones. We’ve since expanded the Beats mission to every other link in the music experience chain – speakers, mobile phones, personal computers and automobile sound systems. With MOG, we are adding the best music service to the Beats portfolio for the first truly end-to-end music experience. With their talent and technology, the possibilities around future innovation are endless.

How the two companies will collaborate with each other is still left to be seen.

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