Have a Listen: Adam Holmes and the Embers

Being the Twitter-savvy fellow that I am, I tend to get a lot of bands and artists ‘follow’ me – an unsettling idea if ever there was one. This throws up all sorts of genres to listen to, from the depths of psycho-punk hell to the dizzying heights rococo-synthpop. Most are not to my taste, but one group stood out amongst the rest.

Adam Holmes and the Embers are an Edinburgh-based five piece that successfully blend slow-burning Scottish folk tradition with the piquancy of new-Americana – a mix between Ryan Adams and Andrew Stewart, if such a thing could occur. This comparison doesn’t do them justice, however, as their music follows its own course. If you take a little trip to their SoundCloud page, you will find a bevy of songs to whet your appetite – the best of which is the gentle stomp that is ‘Autumn Leaves’. Other beauties include the Pogues-esque ‘Aviemore’ and the utterly sublime ‘I Can’t Be Right’ (which Adam wrote when he was only fifteen years old). Some of the SoundCloud songs also feature on 2 EPs – Long Way Home and Follow the Sun – which were combined together into a single release via Hollow Point Music.

At the tender age of twenty-one, Adam Holmes has already a number of nominations and awards – the most notable being a Radio 2 Folk Award nomination and a Scottish Traditional Music Award win. These, coupled with numerous radio plays, live sessions and sold out gigs across Scotland has led to Adam Holmes and the Embers being regarded as one of the must-see outfits in the country (go to their Facebook page to find up-to-date news of upcoming events).

Suffice to say, Adam Holmes has the potential to be the biggest thing to come out of Edinburgh since the Fringe, but there’s only so long something so good could be kept hidden for. If you do happen to be in Edinburgh at the moment, then go down to the Voodoo Rooms on Wednesday 4th July where Adam Holmes and the Embers will be performing alongside Lisa Rigby, Stuart Goodall and Martin Bolland (Tickets £5). You will not be disappointed.

Listen to ‘Aviemore’ below:

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