Karma? Man trying to sneak into Nickelback gig falls down gorge

No, I will never get tired of using this image.

You know who I love? Nickelback. Not as musicians or anything, but as an entity. I like to think that the band are this sort of nebulous entity encapsulating everything a bit awkward and shitty about modern music (in an oddly endearing way, I mean). It also helps that pretty much every story they’re involved with is amazing. Heck, go though my previous posts, I’m a sucker for the guys.

It seems the comedy well has not run dry, as recently 22-year-old Kevin Beaudette (reportedly drunk) lost his footing whilst trying to sneak into a Nickelback concert at New York’s Performing Arts Centre, falling down a 40-foot gorge. It’s alright to laugh though, because he didn’t die! Beaudette was rescued by the local Fire Service and taken to Albany Medical Centre to be treated for his injuries. If you ask me though, that’s just karma for trying to break in and see a Nickelback gig.

Beaudette will not be facing criminal charges, though now that the matter is public everyone knows he tried to get into a Nickelback concert.

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