Listen: Green Day – ‘Oh Love’

Love them or hate them, punky-turned-poppy rockers Green Day have given us the first taster of their upcoming trio of albums ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré! with the new single ‘Oh Love’. The track has been posted as a lyric video on the band’s official YouTube page, and can be viewed below – even in oldschool 3D, if you still have a pair of the pre-Michael Bay glasses hanging around.

This is the start of a barrage of self-promotion for Californian trio, who will also be releasing a pair of documentaries, one focusing on the band’s new sound, one on the old, though no prizes for guessing which the fans will prefer. On top of that, the band will be playing a number of shows late this summer, headlining both France’s Rock En Seine and Japan’s Summer Sonic festival, as well as a number of shows in Italy and Germany. You can likely expect more dates to come – it’s not every day that you have to promote three, bi-monthly albums.

As for the track itself, personally, while I’m not going to be in the comments section, praying from my virtual mountaintop for the messianic return of 1994′s Dookie, it’s not for me. Its verse-chorus-verse-chorus progression is predictable, it’s needlessly long, and above all, it’s just distinctly … meh. Not what I’d expect of a first single, let alone one to promote a trio of albums. Sorry fellas, but I hope this is just to get us warmed up.

Let us know what you think – is this a turn for better, or for worse?

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