The Cult Survive Zagreb Crash and Keep Rocking

The Cult
The Cult endure violent crash and continue Choice of Weapon tour

Veteran Brit rockers The Cult faced a scary moment this week when their tour bus crashed into a guard rail near Zagreb, Croatia. The band is currently in the midst of a lengthy European tour in support of a new album, Choice of Weapon, before they cross the Atlantic for several Canadian dates and one stop in California.

Ian Astbury, The Cult’s frontman, was the only one injured in the wreck. The accident occurred at approximately 6 a.m., and Astbury was the only band member awake at the time of impact. The force of the crash threw him into the aisle, causing minor shoulder, neck and back injuries. Astbury described the wreck by saying, “(the bus) veered violently, hit the guard rail and tipped on a 45-degree angle, then righted itself and came to a halt.” He made the dangers at stake more transparent by adding, “The guard rail was the only thing that prevented us from going over an 80-foot drop.”

Astbury received treatment at the closed service station, and the rest of the band was unharmed. Based on the following news update which the band posted on their website, The Cult took a bit of a beating but have no plan to stop rocking and rolling:

Tour bus hit a guard rail up on a bridge near Zagreb.

Shaken up & twisted up…few torn muscles… but everyone is okay.


we love you.


The Cult’s new album, Choice of Weapon, is on sale now. You can check out the song “Lucifer” below.

The Cult – “Lucifer”

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