Ultraísta Announce New Record


While Ultraísta may not be a household name, the individual members comprising it may ring a bell. Featuring Laura Bettinson, Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s sixth member) and Joey Waronker, the group is a multimedia trio hailing from London. Mixing what they call a collective interest in Afrobeat, electronica and tequila, the group is already paving the way for visual music.

With a couple songs already released, the outfit have announced a self-titled debut record, expected to drop October 2nd via Temporary Residence Limited. Check out the video for “Static Light” below as well as a tracklist for the record.

1. Bad Insect
2. Gold Dayzz
3. Static Light
4. Strange Formula
5. Our Song
6. Easier
7. Smalltalk
8. Party Line
9. Wash It Over
10. You’re Out

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