Video: Santigold – “The Keepers”


Santigold drops insane video satire for Master of My Make-Believe knockout, "The Keepers"

Get ready for the most audaciously fun mind melt to come your way in weeks! Santigold has dished up a biting slice of acerbic satire in her new clip for “The Keepers,” one of the most raucously catchy romps of pure ear candy from Master of My Make-Believe (Downtown/Atlantic). The Nabil-directed video is a wicked blur of surrealistic pop goodness that mashes up influences as diverse as Beetlejuice and Boyz N the Hood, while Santi soundtracks the visionary madness behind an otherwise idyllic 1950s suburban family dinner.

The clip is as wild, giddy and whip-smart as anything you would expect from Santigold, especially when you take into account that it is making its debut on VICE’s Noisey channel. Noisey featured M.I.A.‘s “Bad Girls” clip back in February to trumpet the channel’s edgy, vital birth into the YouTube world, and it recently followed suit  with the VICE-produced A$AP Rocky video, “Wassup.” If you have a pulse, ears and a soft spot for dark wit, Santigold’s video for “The Keepers” is guaranteed to make all the best body parts of any person who’s not the milkman tingle uncontrollably.

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