Watch: Live-Action ‘Halo’ Series Receives Trailer

Fans of Microsoft’s Halo series, hold on to your hats, eyeballs and respective genitalia, because a live-action adaptation of the series is finally on its way – and thanks to Comic-Con, now we all have a trailer to gawp at.

The three-minute video previews the series, which will be five, fifteen minute episodes long, and will run through October on the Machinima YouTube channel. This is all in order to lead up to the release of Halo 4 the next month, just in case you actually planned on doing anything productive this winter.

The series has faced a rocky transition to the screen, following a never-to-be-seen adaptation from Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp which eventually became District 9. However, While some might scoff at the idea of a solely web-based series, a quick look at the trailer, plus the fact that Microsoft have been pumping money in to the project, work to brush those fears aside in a barrage of explosions, aliens and exploding aliens.

Indeed, according to press releases, the series ”tells an exciting story of heroism and sacrifice on a scale never before seen in the Halo universe”. Clearly they have never seen me risking my life in Halo: Reach to teabag my rival’s corpses.


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