Watch Wilco Unleash “Art of Almost” on Fallon


Wilco rip through "Art of Almost" for late-night TV

While you were sleeping, Wilco came damn close to incinerating the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon stage thanks to a tremendously combustive performance of “Art of the Almost” from The Whole Love, one of the finest albums of 2011 and Wilco’s most outstanding album in ten years. This performance gives all the proof you need as to why a Wilco show is still just about the best deal around for concertgoers. Jeff, John, Glenn, Nels, Pat, and Mikael tore through one of the most fully-realized, in control, and deafening executions of a song that you are likely to see on network TV. This clip of Wilco playing “Art of Almost” is reason #1,0001 why Jimmy Fallon’s late-night program is miles ahead of any competition when it comes to bringing the greatest music to mainstream tastes.

Wilco – “Art of Almost” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Wilco: Art of Almost (7/25/12).

As a bonus, Wilco served up “Laminated Cat” (aka “Not for the Season”), a 2003 song from Tweedy’s side project, Loose Fur, for a web exclusive. The band have worked the song into many of their live sets lately.

Wilco – “Laminated Cat”

Wilco: Laminated Cat (7/25/12).

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