Zakk Wylde Names New Son ‘Sabbath’

My heart – normally a bitter, blackened pit of sarcasm and video game references – was warmed yesterday, upon hearing a little piece of touching, heavy metal news.

Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society frontman and ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, has decided to name his fourth child ‘Sabbath’ in honour of Birmingham four-piece and pioneers of the heavy metal genre, Black Sabbath.

Wylde is probably feeling a little nostalgic after the band’s troublesome reunion, and playing the same stage as the metal godfathers at Download Festival earlier this year. Combined with the fact that Osbourne is in fact already godfather to one of the guitarists other three children, the name seems a fitting tribute. All that aside, it can’t be ignored that ”Sabbath Wylde” is about as cool as a name can get without including the words “manly” or “Batman”.

Indeed, while the bearded hulk hardly looks like one for sentimentality, Sabbath will actually be the second of he and his wife Barbaranne’s children to be named after an influential music act, following their son Hendrix - apparently named after some little-known guitarist you may or may not have heard of. Hendrix and Sabbath…talk about having to live up to your parent’s expectations.

In the end, it might not be the most typical name, but I’m sure any children that choose to mock the kid will find themselves suddenly bursting in to hellish flames.

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