7inch Sunday: Lecherous Gaze – Bagagazo

7inch Sunday is a segment devoted entirely to 7” vinyl and the all-encompassing experience surrounding it. Although most publications cover major releases, the vinyl single is often overlooked and given nothing more than a half-hearted nod of acknowledgement. This weekly feature is a hub for 7” reviews, exploring the B-sides and rarities of artists that may often go unnoticed.

Each Sunday I will review 7” vinyl from artists who venture this extra mile to hold their singles high above the sea of digital releases. I hope to embody the spirit of vinyl while sharing some fantastic music with you, the reader. Let’s get started.

Who Can You Trust? Records has consistently brought us music that doesn’t waste time with trivial frills and genre-bending. Earlier this year, we looked at Hot Lunch’s Killer Smile, which set the stage for aspiring rock groups. More recently, WCYT? Records released a 7” from Oakland, CA-based Lecherous Gaze.

Roughly a month ago, Lecherous Gaze announced the arrival of a new singer. The only details revealed were his name (it’s Zaryan Zaidi) and the new 7” (it’s Bagagazo), but the prior was enough to turn heads. Singer-replacement is a dangerous road to travel, and many a band have ruined themselves with such a feat (Dead Kennedy’s Dr. Know, Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar, etc.). However, when successful, a band can be revitalized with a new perspective that defies all prior accomplishments.

Bagagazo is both a test run for Zaidi and a testament to Lecherous Gaze’s relentless brutality. Kicking off with “Bagagazo,” the single forcefully jumps into a mix of straightforward, head-banging rock. The chorus showcases a lower vocal register while competing against incessant soloing that pushes along like a runaway train. Lucky for us, Lecherous Gaze doesn’t result in a coal-riddled, fiery crash. Instead, the end result is a top-notch, southern-infused grunge track.

By the time “Feathered Fish” comes around, Zaidi is showing his true colors, singing with a signature-worthy sneer enhanced by the other members’ onslaught of their respective instruments. If not apparent by now, Lecherous Gaze has successfully made the dangerous transition of singer replacement. Remaining the same band with a new twist, it appears nothing will stand in their way from kicking ass.

Check back next week for a look at Divine Fits’ My Love is Real.

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